Practice a lesson




A continuous sequence of small movements

Which turns into a new harmony


Practice a lesson

The lesson is an interesting, unconventional sequence of movements. It activates your mind to work, and brings mobility and healing to far forgotten areas of your body.

The lesson is performed on a thin mattress.

Important: Be committed to your comfort and well being. Perform all the movements in this lesson slowly, softly and gently, and avoid strained effort.

Gradually, the movements become, by the end of the lesson, an elaborate functional harmony.

In the beginning of each lesson make a thorough, head to tow examination/screening of your body. This will intensify your awareness to the state of your body and yourself.

During the lesson you are to repeat each instruction about 7 times, then return, each time, to your initial position.

Throughout the lesson, make sure your breathing is continuous and calm.    

At the end of the lesson, re-examine/screen your body. You will note some changes, feel refreshed, your mood will be improved and you will be aware of your new abilities.



Nestor and Rinat


To watch a presentation of lesson #1 click HERE


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To watch a presentation of lesson  #2 click HERE


To download a presentation of lesson #2 click the right mouse, and save


For lesson #1 click HERE


For lesson #2 click HERE


A sample audio lesson will soon be offered in this website.



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