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Three generations of teaching the method


Nestor Levin      Rinat Levin-Chervin     Dvora  Hasdai

All three are senior certified teachers, holders of an internationally accepted diploma.  They are known to create optimal conditions for learning, which result in an enjoyable, interesting and stimulating experience of calmness, among those who participate their lessons.

some of their students  do so regularly for 25 years and more.

During their years as teachers of the method, they acquired much experience, and the  ability to match the lesson contents to different occupations and age groups, and to individuals with specific problems.   

 Dvora, Rinat and Nestor take a stand to improve your posture and your well being. They are committed to a movement re-education of many people in Israel and abroad. They enable you to better actualize your personal potential. They also excel in their interpersonal skills and have a wonderful way of making contacts with their students. They resemble each other in their way of teaching, yet at the same time each of them maintains his/her uniqueness.

Dvora Hasdai., A very senior instructor, one of the “13 marvelous people ”–the first 13 personal assistants of Dr. Feldenkrais. She was one of his substitute teachers at the institute when he was abroad. She taught in the Weizman institute for 18 years, and in her private studio in Rehovot for over 30 years. Thanks to her deep knowledge, fine perception, and understanding and adherence to the basic concepts of the Feldenkrais method, Dvora Hasdai was immensely successful in her work with people of various ages, occupations and disorders.

Dvora is a mentor to Nestor and Rinat.

Nestor Levin. Has a special talent to identify, and put to practice, motion sequences which take advantage of efficient body mechanisms, while taking into account the 3 dimensions, the momentum and the delicate balance between the rigid and the flexible, all embodied within these mechanisms.

He works in an intelligent way, brilliantly using his professional and his additional technical knowledge, acquired through years of working as a construction engineering projects manager. 

Rinat Levin Chervin.  Has a charismatic ability to convey the method in a very clear, interesting and pleasant manner.

She holds an M.Sc. (Master in science) in Physiology and Pharmacology from the faculty of medicine, Tel Aviv university. She researched and developed the method, leading to a breakthrough in the scientific legitimacy attributed to the method’s physiological and psychological effects.

In her work, she combines refinement, flexibility and response to the immediate needs of the individual or the group. Her instruction is flowing and includes interesting examples which clarify the connections with and awareness to the body. Today, Rinat shared her life in Israel and Japan , advancing her knowledge in the areas of soft martial arts, and far east medicine.

Rinat and Nestor taught at Tel Aviv university, Wolfson hospital, Holon – school of nursing profession, Tel Hashomer, Shiba hospital – rehabilitation department, Barzilay hospital, Ashkelon, neurological department, special program for multiple sclerosis patients, and various teacher training courses in Israel and abroad.  They introduced the method to the student of the Wingate institute (Israel’s center of physical education and sport). They regularly hold workshops and lectures about the method. Among those to enjoy their lessons are a number of celebrities – actors, dancers, singers, writers and journalists.

Appeared in the media:  On Israeli TV, at “Gallery of the expert-Galeriat hamumchim, in the Rivka Michaeli morning show. In “Guests in the living room-Orchim Basalon”, community channel, and channel 3 at “Morning conversations-Shichot Basalon” in the educational TV.

National Newspaper articles: “Yediot Achronot (Zmanim Modernim)”, “Maariv”,

Women magazine: “Olam Haisha”,

Health magazine: ”Briut al Bruya”

Exhibitions/conventions: “Alternativa” in “Ganei Hataarucha”, in “Wingate” (Israel’s center of physical education and sport)

Rinat and Nestor also wrote articles about the method, you can read in this website and produced audio tapes and CD’s for additional individual practice at home or wherever it is convenient for you. These can be purchased at the Feldenkrais method centers in Tel Aviv and Rehovot.

We are at your service.




Dedicatory inscriptions by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, to Dvora Hasdai, in his books.



Nestor Levin

and Rinat Levin Chervin MSc,

Certified, expert teachers of the Feldenkrais method,

are happy to respond to any inquiry on the matter

At tel: 054-5907755

 Telefax: 972-3-9364272


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presentation of the method for students of the Wingate institute
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