Time and place


The lessons take place in a well maintained hall and charming atmosphere.

Tel Aviv:  62 Benei Dan st.

Monday and Thursday morning, at:  08:30 

Rehovot: 12 Israel Shachar st.

Sunday and Wednesday morning: at 07:30, 08:30, 09:30

Sunday and Wednesday evening: at 17:30, 18:30          

For further information please call tel:

 054-5907755  - Nestor

 077-9164272 - Nestor

   03-9364272 - Nestor



Additional information and personal counseling form


   You can contact us directly for information regarding

 lessons, individual treatments, groups, ordering workshops,

audio cassettes and lectures,

courses for teachers on sabbatical,



You are invited to try one lesson. Free entrance.

At our center, you can purchase Audio cassettes and CD’s of Nestor and Rinat, for practice at home or abroud.

Gather yourselves together, and take the load off your shoulders. Come to improve your quality of life and enjoy the ability that is within you!!

Advance registration, limited number of places. Suitable for everyone.  


Upcoming workshop in Rehovot:


 there will be a Feldenkrais workshop on: “Taking it all off our shoulders”





Nestor Levin

and Rinat Levin Chervin M.Sc.

Certified, expert teachers of the Feldenkrais method,

are happy to respond to any inquiry on the matter

At tel: 054-5907755- Nestor

 Telefax: 972-77-9164272 - Nestor



Note: The information offered in this website is in no way
 substitute to medical counseling and/or treatment
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