The Feldenkrais Method

"make the impossible

 possible, the possible

easy, and the

easy elegant."

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

A learning process – demonstrated by Rinat Levin – Chervin

Slow fundamental practice with plenty of alternatives, designed to prepare all parts of your body to this organized sitting, from all directions, with a feeling of security, comfort and calmness. 

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The Feldenkrais method is a unique way to improve your movement ability

The Feldenkrais method is an easy way which combines both action and thought

By developing an awareness to our body and the way we move – without activating any resistance or defense mechanisms, it is possible to create optimal conditions for learning and re-educating of the nervous system. Integration is created between the skeleton, the muscles and the nervous system. This is a unique form of instantly processing information, while simultaneously acting and sensing.

Change comes from within

In order to improve one’s posture, one has to undergo an internal, gradual learning process. One has to absorb the changes and what he learned, and assimilate it in the nervous system. This way one can adopt various, light, easy and pleasant postures.

ATM - Awareness Through Movement - the Group lesson

FI- Functional Integration  - the Individual lesson

During the lessons, an internal process of learning becomes possible. This process stimulates the natural improvement mechanisms of the body, through self-attentiveness.

At a group lesson, all that happens, while the student lies on a mattress, placed on the floor, or on a bed during the individual lesson. The instructions given to students are verbal, whereas in a private lesson the teacher clarifies movement patterns through direct touch and movement.

In the beginning of the group lesson, each student performs an self scanning of his/her body. At the end of the lesson, the student repeats that scanning process and may notice the change in the way he/she lies– a result of the learning process undergone during the lesson. At the end of the lesson students feel their posture is better - more relaxed, calmer and become closer to the ideal, and does not require effort. From this position with this organization a person can initiate a intentional motion to any desirable direction, without preliminary adjustment.

  The ability to prevent future disorders – get to know yourself

Each student undergoes a learning process, whose essence is the learning of new movement patterns, in order to increase his motion possibilities. At the same time, the process spontaneously preserves and sharpens the already existing, desirable habits.

This enables the student to choose the appropriate movement for the necessary action, from a larger repertoire of possibilities of movements. In doing that, we are able to prevent future disorders, problems.   


The method is recommended for a healthy lifestyle, free of pain, stress and frustrations.


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