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Courses for teachers on sabbatical.

Institution code, "Cod Mosad"– 1325

 Dear teacher

 A special, exciting course for teachers on sabbatical has been opened.

 The subject of the course:

 "The Feldenkrais method" – theory and practice

 We invite you to try an authentic course experience, of numerous advantages: it will enable you to enjoy, improve your functional ability and gain 56 hours of extended study (Limudei Hashlama).   

 Little about the method:

 The method was developed in Israel, and is widespread today all over the world. The learning process taking place in each lesson is a fundamental, unique principle of the Feldenkrais method, enabling you to realize your potential with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, through developing your awareness. The method is essential in preventing pain in your back, neck, shoulders and knees.

It relives and easing stress and pressures resulting from over tasks, and repetitive movement which cause injury and strained at work etc.

 Whom is the course made for?

 The course is made for you, the teacher/ education worker who is interested in improving the way you stand and walk while teaching, around the class, sit to mark exams, drive to school. You who wish to enrich and widen your horizons, and exposed to a new, refreshing way of thought which involves activating the mind and the body in a unique, intriguing way.

 Previous background or knowledge are not necessary. 

 What shall you deal with?

 The course will combine side by side practical group lessons and explanations of central principles and ideas on which the method is based. You will move and activate your entire body. We will work on the muscles, skeleton, sinews, joints, vertebrae and the nervous system. You will check the existing connection between those parts and their integration into the learning process. All that, by developing your awareness to your body and motion. You will examine additional ways of action to improve your posture, coordination and control over your breathing. 

     The observed improvements:

 In our experience, during the lesson you will feel an improvement of your ability and a widening of your limits of performance. You will be able to do things which seemingly look hard and impossible, and do them comfortably and with pleasure. At the end of every meeting you will feel an improvement in your physical and spiritual feeling, a feeling of freshness, lightness and calmness, and a decrease in chronic inconvenience or pain.

 Start improving your quality of life just now.

 Course duration:   

 28 weeks, two hours per week, altogether 56 hours approved by the fund for extended studies (“Limudei Hashlama”). The lessons take place in a charming air conditioned hall, in small groups allowing close, personal interaction. The lessons are adapted to the teacher's extended studies program (úùò"à) and are made for you, the teacher on sabbatical. 

 Place of study

For your convenience, the lessons take place in our centers in

 Tel Aviv or Rehovot.

 You can join the following courses:

 1.   One hour course, twice a week, in Tel Aviv on

 Mondays, Thursdays at 08:30

2.   One hour course, twice a week, in Rehovot, on

Sundays, Wednesdays at 8:30, 9:30,

17:30, 18:30

 Cost: 1,400 Nis.

 Payable in two checks: an advance payment of 400 Nis at time of registration (*), and a check of 1,000 Nis, for September 29, 2010.

 We will be grateful if you confirm your attendance in one of the courses offered, through the attached registration form, by September 15, 2010.

 The checks should be made for “Nestor Levin” (marked with “Lamutav Bilvad" & cross), and mailed with the registration form to the “Feldenkrais method center” – Nestor Levin.

 (*) In the case of cancellation made by the applicant before September 15, 2010, the advance payment will not be returned, and there are no refunds at all in case of cancellations made after September 15, 2010.

 It is time - for you to do it for your own sake.


To print the registration form: click HERE 


See you in our center.





Nestor Levin

and Rinat Levin Chervin M.Sc.

Certified, expert teachers of the Feldenkrais method,

are happy to respond to any inquiry on the matter

At tel: 054-5907755

 Telefax: 972-3-9364272



Note: The information offered in this website is in no way

 substitute to medical counseling and/or treatment

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