Scientific research

The Scientific Research

Rinat’s academic research

The Feldenkrais method had been examined, for the first time in Israel, in an academic institution, by Rinat Levin Chervin, under her mater’s degree thesis. The research was carried out in of the Sackler School of medicine, the department of Pharmacology and Physiology, in cooperation with the Genetics department, Tel Aviv university.

The research topic – “The effect of “Functional Integration” (the Feldenkrais method) upon dial patterns of physiological and mood function variables”.

The question raised throughout this research was: what is the effect of the Functional Integration (the individual lesson) on the patterns and parameters of the circadian rhythms of several physiological and psychological variables in human beings, which were selected to examine.

The research findings prove a significant influence of the individual lesson (treatment) – “functional integration”, on a number of selected physiological and psychological variables. The findings prove that exposure to the experience of “Functional Integration” causes a marked and significant decrease in blood pressure and a significant  rise in the heart rate, in all the examinees.

Rinat Levin Chervin assumes that the process will have a more substantial influence on elderly people suffering from high blood pressure, and could reduce or obviate treatment by medication. The phrase: “A sound mind in a sound body” (“Mens sana in corpore sano”) also got a positive enhancement from the research. It emerged that the Fledenkrais lessons also affected human psychological aspects as well.      

The lessons caused a significant decrease in the level of negative psychological parameters such as worry, anxiety and sadness, and a significant increase in the positive psychological parameters like happiness, and general good feeling.  

In general, it is possible to say that the method has a positive influence on a human being’s psychological state. The student’s body organization becomes more efficient, the  posture and body image improve, the general feeling is better and he/she are less anxious and sad, compared with the beginning of the lesson. In light of the findings presented above, it is certainly possible to consider Feldenkrais lessons as a factor that positively affects a person’s way and quality of life. The excellence of the method lies in the simplicity, easiness and naturalness in the performance of the motion sequences, while increasing the person’s awareness to the way he/she moves.

Rinat and Nestor had taken part in bringing and presenting the method to medical staff in the Barzilay hospital, Ashkelon (neurological department) and in the rehabilitation department of Tel-Hashomer hospital. They also presented the method to students in the Wingate institute, Tel Aviv university, Wolfson hospital school of nursing in Holon, and students of communication disorders. These days, many conventional medicine experts, among whom, some well known orthopaedists and Neurologists, appreciate the Feldenkrais method and recognize it as a unique and efficient method in the area of senso-motoric rehabilitation.    


Plasticity of the brain

The Feldenkrais method is a unique way to improve our ability. It re-educates our nervous system and utilized the amazing capability of the brain- its Plasticity(Flexibility).

You might experience efficiency in your work and life in a natural way.

Better Brains-The mutable brain (M. Merzenich) – Scientific American 2003

 In the September 2003 issue of today’s world leading scientific magazine, “Scientific American”, a special section, titled “Better Brains”, was dedicated to Neuroscience.

A number of innovative researches concerning the brain’s plasticity, are mentioned there.

“The brain was constructed to change” says researcher Michael Merzenich, from the University of California, San Francisco medical center. The studies confirm that physical and mental activities might protect mankind from various diseases and disorders.

These activities might protect from neurological diseases such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis and mental disorders such as: learning and reading disorders, brain stroke, and repetitive stress injuries – RSI (mostly caused from long time spent working in front of a computer screen, or from writing which entails repeating the same movement patterns every day and every hour, usually without rest). This kind of activity causes one’s posture, working capability, vivacity and ability to function efficiently, to become more vulnerable. 

Feldenkrais is a winning combination of physical and mental simultaneous activity. You might achieve your results through developing your awareness to your body, and to the way you move, without activating any resistance. During the lesson, you might find the efficient ways of functioning, in order to wisely handle your life circumstances, at work, while being with your family or friends, and when you are on your own.

Furthermore, in an article called “The mutable brain” it is marked that, unlike what was believed for many years, scientists today are willing to admit that the brain is a unit which can be influenced through man’s own behavior (what he thinks, how he feels and how he moves). All those certainly affect the man’s brain.

The scientists declare, that there is evidence that through physical and mental activity, one region can step in and take over the function of another area of the brain. An area whose functioning, for some reason or another, was damaged. Another testimony to the amazing brain’s plasticity.

In the Feldenkrais method, these principles have always been used, for over 50 years.

We are excited to receive more and more reinforcements and assurances from the frontline of scientific research. Things which we put to practice in our lessons in the Feldenkrais Method, do indeed fall into line with contemporary super innovative research studies.  

It makes us feel joy and pleasure, to be able to contribute so much to others.

The Feldenkrais method

Enables optimal conditions for learning and re-educating of the nervous system. An integration is created between the skeleton, the muscles and the nervous system. This is a unique form of instantly processing information, while simultaneously moving and sensing.

Two ways of learning

Group lesson  - ATM- Awareness Through Movement: verbal instruction. (read more in the articles)

Individual lesson - FI- Functional Integration: the teacher leads the student’s movements with his own hands. (read more in the articles)

Whom is it meant for?

For anyone who wants to live his life free of stress, tension and pain. For you who want to live while enjoying a comfortable way of sitting and standing. For you who want to be pleased with your posture and the way you move in your daily life like: working in front of the computer screen, turning, sitting, driving, carrying, bending, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, Golf or soccer.

For you who want to enrich and widen their horizons, and be exposed to a novel way of thinking based on the most recent brain studies, made by today’s best researchers. An approach which enables easy, pleasant, refreshing life, full of self expression and self satisfaction.

The activity includes simple and easy and effortless exercise. It has power and charm, leading to an interesting way of activating your mind and body. 

The observed improvements

A widening of the limits of performance, improvements in general feeling and in the physical and spiritual functioning. A feeling of freshness, lightness and calmness. Freedom from a previously chronic discomfort, or annoying pain. Like being reborn, after each and every lesson.


The method is recommended for a  flexible, free of pain way of life which enhance mood, and encourage overall long term health.


Include a lesson in your daily schedule.

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